Fabric color fixer is used to set or stabilize the color of fabrics, preventing them from fading or running during subsequent washes. It is particularly useful for new, brightly colored fabrics that may release dye when washed for the first time.

Fabric color fixers typically work by binding loose or excess dye particles to the fabric fibers, helping to lock the color in place. This process ensures that the fabric retains its original color vibrancy and prevents the color from bleeding or transferring onto other garments.

When using a fabric color fixer, it is essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, the fabric should be washed separately before applying the fixer to remove any excess dye. The fixer is then added to the washing machine during the rinse cycle or applied directly to the fabric through soaking or spraying.

It’s important to note that while fabric color fixers can be effective, they might not completely prevent color fading over time, especially with frequent washing and exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it’s essential to care for your colored fabrics appropriately and follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.